How to Get Out of a Rut

Hi Friends,

You are unsatisfied with your life.

You're anxious. Depressed. Bored. Restless. Unsettled.

You click you your old friend YouTube for some solace and belonging.

"That's it," you decide, "today is the day I change my life!"

Today is the day I start a new hobby, or an e-commerce business, or a weight-loss regimen, or a self-improvement program. Learn to quilt or make sushi, build a yurt, survive the apocalypse, or cut a dovetail joint by hand.

You search YouTube for the perfect video, and you dive in.

You find an inspirational YouTuber. They are attractive and relatable.

With each passing moment, you get more excited, more motivated.

You are pumped. Nothing can stop you. You are pure motivation, laser-focused energy. The very personification of commitment.

Just to prove to yourself and the world how committed you are, you click out of YouTube and start online shopping.

You impulsively buy up hundreds or thousands of dollars of gear related to your new obsession.

You go back to YouTube and buy an online course from your guru. It will be well worth it, you tell yourself, once the big changes in your life start to pay off.

Exhausted and out of money, you collapse in bed and go to sleep.

You get up the next day, with an emotional hangover and a super-sized portion of buyer's remorse.

And nothing changes.

Sound familiar?

How do you get out of this cycle?

I just posted a video about the most important step you have to take to actually change your behavior and improve your communication skills.

It is simple, but it is not easy.

>>> Click here to watch the video.

Autumn is in full swing here in Chicago. I hope you are enjoying the day wherever you are.

Talk to you soon.

-- bruce

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