One Secret that Will Help You Overcome Social Anxiety

The social social world can be very scary. It feels like, at any moment, we could make fools of ourselves. For some of us, this fear is just a nuisance. We go on with our lives, trying not to think about the possibility that our fly is unzipped, or that we'll say or do the wrong thing and reveal ourselves to be much less cool, polished, and poised than we claim to be. But for others, the fear of being humiliated can rise to the level of full-blown anxiety, a feeling so strong it makes them avoid socializing entirely.  

In my latest video, I talk about this fear. It's legitimate. Social interaction is risky. Every conversation, every casual encounter, and every public speech is an accident waiting to happen in terms of our identity, reputation, and self-esteem. But there is one fact about the social world that should make us all more comfortable and secure.

To learn more, check out the video.

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